Ardent Finesse Spinning Reel VC30BB

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The Ardent Finesse Spinning Reel is lightweight but incredibly durable and offers smooth and reliable performance. The reel’s frame is constructed of lightweight graphite, and the bail wire is constructed of high strength lightweight heavy gauge aluminum to provide you with a strong, lightweight reel. Increase your productivity on the water with the rapid retrieve 6.0:1 gear ratio; the 2000 size brings in 32 inches of line per crank while the 3000 size brings in 33 inches of line per crank. The 6061 T6 aluminum spool is equipped with a braid band to allow you to tie braided line to the spool without line slippage. The Ardent Finesse features a multi stack oiled felt and stainless steel washer drag system with a max drag of 13 pounds to slow down fish with smooth performance. The 2000 size line capacity is 6 pounds/220 yards, or 8 pounds/155 yards. The 3000 size line capacity is 8 pounds/220 yards, or 10 pounds/155 yards. This reel will quickly become your go-to for all types of fishing for its versatility and smooth performance. Backed by Ardent’s exclusive 3 year warranty.

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