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It's about time, a DEET-free insect repellent that really works! Natrapel 12-hour Repellent 1 oz Spray Pump provides 12 hours of protection against mosquitoes and ticks and 8 hours of protection from biting insects, thanks to its CDC recommended 20 percent Picaridin formula. Unlike ineffective DEET alternatives, Picaridin is the only formula that consistently shows equal or better performance than DEET in independent, clinical tests. Even better, Natrapel 12-hour is completely safe on gear and will not melt jackets, fishing line, and other synthetic materials. Bring this compact 1 oz. bottle on camping trips, hikes, and backyard barbeques for reliable insect protection you don't have to constantly reapply and that doesn't slow you down. In addition to being an effective tick and mosquito repellent, Natrapel also repels chiggers, gnats, black flies, and other biting flies. The perfect fishing or hiking bug spray, Natrapel is safe to apply to your clothing and gear, as it won't harm synthetics. Head outdoors knowing you're prepared with Natrapel Picaridin family insect repellent.

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