Raymarine Type 2 Long Linear Drive Unit - 24V

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M81134 Type 2 Long Mechanical Linear Drive - 24V

Raymarine's most commonly used drive types for sailing vessels. Raymarine mechanical linear drives provide powerful thrust, fast hard-over times and quiet operation. Mounted below decks, the linear drive moves the rudder directly by pushing the tiller arm or a rudder quadrant.

A linear drive unit connects to the rudder stock via an independent tiller arm. Accessory fittings from your steering manufacturer may be required. Must be able to back-drive steering system from the rudder.

  • Drive Type: Type 2 Long
  • Maximum boat displacement: 20,000kg (44,000 lb)
  • Peak thrust: 480 kg (1050 lb)
  • Maximum stroke: 400 mm (16")
  • Hard-over to hard-over times: 14 seconds
  • Maximum rudder torque: 1,660 nm (14,700 lb.in)
  • Power consumption: 48-72W
  • Corepack used: ACU-400

Manufacturer : Raymarine
Manufacturer Part No : M81134
UPC : 023193811345

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