Rocksolar Foldable Solar Panel 90W RSSP90

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This ROCKSOLAR Foldable Solar Panel’s foldable design and ability to gather green energy on the go make it ideal for road trips, camping, and other outdoor excursions. These PET monocrystalline solar panels convert sunlight into useable power at above 20 percent efficiency so you can charge your small electronics and solar power stations anywhere that received sunlight. Place the solar panels in direct sunlight to allow them to gather the maximum amount of energy. Cloudy weather and the angle of sunlight can affect the solar panel’s ability to provide power to your devices. This kit includes 4 carabiners so you can attach the solar panels to your backpack, tent, or other object with the grommets in the solar panel cover. Your sensitive devices are safe to charge with these solar panels; an intelligent charging chip detects the needs of your device and delivers the exact amount of power it needs to charge properly. These solar panels are rated for 90W of power with a peak voltage of 18V. When the panels are absorbing energy, the indicator inside the pocket will light up to signal it is ready to power a device. There are 2 USB ports available for charging. An additional USB port provides a charge 4 times faster than traditional charges for devices compatible with 3rd generation quick charge; it is marked in bright orange. Two DC cables are connected directly to the solar panel case for direct current charging; DC adapters are also included in this kit. Place your devices within the case pocket or in the shade of the solar panels to keep them cool while they charge. The outer cover of the solar panels is constructed of polyester spray proof fabric. The fabric’s water resistance will not protect the panels from exposure to rain or snow. To care for the solar panels, wipe them with a damp cloth after use to remove dust particles and prevent scratching. The ROCKSOLAR Foldable Solar Panels will help you gather solar energy so you can enjoy energy freedom wherever you go.

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