Wichard Captive Pin Bow Shackle - Diameter 10mm - 13/32

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Captive Pin Bow Shackle - Diameter 10mm - 13/32"

Riggers have turned to Wichard shackles for their legendary quality, beautiful polish and smooth contours.

Drop-forged 316L stainless steel construction is a perfect blend of strength and corrosion resistance and ensures that shape remains intact at loads that meet or exceed the deformation point.  These bow shackles are ideal for applications that involve loads from multiple directions.  

At the thumb screw end, the elasticity of the shackle’s body locks the pin’s position into one or other of its small indentations.  There is no need to worry about it accidentally coming loose due to vibrations.  The pin is captive to prevent accidental loss.  


  • Captive pin bow shackle 
  • Outstanding working and breaking loads
  • Single handed operation for more safety
  • WLL: only for industrial applications (lifting i.e…)
  • CE marking and batch number


  • To be used when ample room is required
  • Possibility to attach several lines or cables

Technical Specifications:

  • Material - 316 stainless steel grade
  • Working load - 3430 (lbs) 
  • WLL - 2290 (lbs)
  • Breaking load - 11460 (lbs)
  • Weight - 0.306 (lbs)

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